Jimmy Shergill speaks about sex scene in ‘Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns’

Jimmy Shergill has truly proved his mettle and talent in his recent movie, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns. When it was announced that of all actors, Jimmy Shergill will do the role of the Saheb, people were quite apprehensive, as they are always used to seeing Jimmy in mild and calm roles. Except for his role in A Wednesday, he has always done a character which is soft and calm. Saheb, in the film, is quite opposite to the roles that Jimmy has been doing. It is character for whom killing mercilessly is an everyday business and he is one who knows no setbacks in life. His life is full of gunshots. However, all the people who doubted Jimmy’s talent were proved wrong. Jimmy’s talent knew no bounds; he took total control of the scene and the character and pulled it off really well. Jimmy however, had lots of things to say regarding his entire experience as the lead actor of Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns.

In an interview he has confided the fact that for him as an actor is was very tough to don the role of Saheb. Director, Timangshu has been extremely cooperative and this made a lot of works easier for him. The first half of the script was very exciting. The wheelchair, which binds the Saheb in his territory, is the portrayal of the immense frustration of the character. Doing the sex scenes, specially were extremely tough as he was feeling extremely uncomfortable in those scenes. The physicality of the Saheb was extremely unique and different, and this made his work a lot tougher than what he had expected.

They bond between Timangshu and Jimmy had been extremely strong. This was probably the main reason why the actor was able to pull off the character so well on the screen. they had previously worked in Haasil, and this was e great experience for Jimmy. Apart from the director, his co-actor Irrfan had also been very comfortable to work with. They are extremely hard working and hence working with the two becomes enjoyable. It is a great thing for Jimmy, when Timangshu entrusted him the role of Saheb. It is with him only that he is able to feel edgy as well as nervous while rendering the scenes. Both Mahi and Irrfan had been immensely good to work with. Irrfan is a complete actor himself and is extremely disciplined.