Jiah Khan’s six page suicide note fake???

In yet another dramatic turn to the Jiah Khan suicide case, it seems that the handwriting of the six page letter that was found at Jiah’s place and the handwriting of the five letters found at Suraj’s place did not match.

According to the latest reports, there is a doubt regarding the authenticity of the farewell note that was found at Jiah’s residence, 2 days after her death.

Jiah committed suicide on 3rd June following a depression from her failing Bollywood career and also the soured relationship with Suraj Pancholi, who is son of Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab.

After Jiah’s death her mother, Rabiya Khan and her sisters have been struggling to drive the point that Jiah committed suicide not because of her failing career but because of a souring relationship with Suraj Pancholi. She has addressed a press conference where in she has blamed Suraj of cheating on her daughter and abetting her to commit suicide.

On the other hand, mother of Suraj, Zarina Wahab has also been struggling hard to get her son out of jail and out of allegations. According to her, after the death of Jiah, police had done a thorough search of Jiah’s room and nothing was found. Then all of a sudden, after two days how a six page letter turned up. She told media that her son was being victimized.

The six page letter that was found at Jiah’s place was earlier known to be written by Jiah, a few days before her death. In that letter she has blamed an unnamed person for causing her physical and emotional pain and suffering. She also blamed the person for making her to abort her child and of raping her. She agonized that even after giving that person everything, she is not able to get the desired love in return. It is known that Jiah and Suraj were in a relationship for past one year.

On the other hand, the five letters that were found at Suraj’s place have an affectionate and loving tone to it. They were addressed to Suraj from Jiah.

A senior police official looking into the case said, “If you look at the letters which were at Jiah and Suraj’s house, you get a feeling that something is definitely not all right. However, it will be wrong to say anything emphatically until we get a confirmation from forensic experts.”

Meanwhile, a blog has been started in favor of Suraj and the blog has been going viral.