Jiah Khan’s mother Rabiya performed sting operation

It has been almost a year when Bollywood actress Jiah Khan committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan of her house but her mother Rabiya Khan is still fighting to prove that her daughter was murdered. Rabiya Khan is not ready to accept that her daughter has killed herself out of depression. She claimed that Jiah did not commit suicide but she was murdered. Dissatisfied with the proceedings of the police and the court, Rabiya Khan herself landed on the field and performed sting operation on veteran actress Anju Mahendroo and eight others.

Rabiya Khan has recorded the conversations of  Anju Mahendroo (who was the first to arrive on the scene), Dr Ramesh Aggarwal (the first doctor to reach Jiah's home), Dr Rahul Datta (who told the police that Jiah had suicidal tendencies), the watchman of the building and the two florists (from whose shop a bouquet was sent to Jiah the night she was found dead). She has called upon a press conference to announce that she has carried on a sting operation and now she has got enough evidence to prove that Jiah was murdered.

Rabia told The Times of India, "I always knew my daughter was not depressed and she could not have committed suicide, but people kept saying things. I wanted to find out what is it that these people know but I don't. I did not expect the police authorities to help me. Therefore, I did this (sting) so that people can know the truth."

Sooraj Pancholi has been charged with abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide but he is now released on bail.  

A new man’s name has come up in Rabiya's petition called Deva and he is believed to be Sooraj Pancholi's "man Friday". Deva said to the police that he said that he had visited the florist twice - once to buy a bouquet and then to get a card.

Deva said he went to deliver the bouquet to Jiah - on not finding her, he came back to the florist to get the card. 

Speaking to Rabiya, the florists say that Deva only came to their shop once, though CCTV footage showed that he entered the building twice in a span of six minutes.

"It is around these two visits that some serious foul play was done so as to do preparation for eliminating the deceased," says Rabia's petition.

Rabiya Khan said in the press conference that she would produce the audio tapes very soon in the court. This is what she said in her statement: 
"Police ne maamle ko dabaya hai. Meri beti ka murder kiya gaya hai. I met all the witnesses of the case and they told us the truth while the Mumbai police has been narrating an altogether different story to us. I have been to all those people who were interrogated by the police in Jiah's murder case. Now, I've got to know that woh witnesses jo keh rahe they, woh police ne nahin likha. Alag alag daleelein di gayi. Many facts were twisted. The doctors declared her dead when she was at home, while the police took her to the hospital. Mujhe dhamki di gayi, dhamkaaya gaya. Suraj Pancholi case ke mamle mein baat karne aaya tha. I was told that my murder is also being planned now.  Mujhe ?case ko vaapas lene ke dhamki di gayi."

Rabia’s lawyer Dinesh Tiwari said, "It has been scientifically done. We realised that only words will not help, we need proper evidences and the material we have collected is concrete."