Jiah Khan’s hanging staged, not suicide: British forensic expert

The findings of a British forensic expert have given a new twist to the three-year-old Jiah Khan death case. As per the findings, Jiah’s hanging was staged and the marks on her face and neck indicate it's not a simple case of suicide.

Jason Payne-James of UK-based Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd said that the marks on Jiah’s lower lip indicate abrasions or bruises and "blunt force trauma applied to the mouth region," according to a Mumbai Mirror report.

The findings contradicted the conclusion reached by state forensic experts and the CBI which is investigating the case. Jason Payne-James alleged that there are some serious misinterpretations in the report by the state experts.

Jiah’s mother Rabia had sought the help of the British expert after the CBI ruled out the possibility of a murder in the case before the Bombay High Court. Rabia wants to share the findings with a Mumbai sessions court on Wednesday, (September 21). Her counsel Dinesh Tiwari will be approaching the court to present these findings, but it remains to be seen if the court will admit a report by a foreign expert who was hired by Rabia, and not the state.

Jiah, an American citizen of Indian origin, was found hanging in her Juhu apartment on June 3, 2013. Her then boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi has been charged with abetting her suicide.

Meanwhile, Sooraj’s father Aditya Pancholi was quoted by the daily as saying, "This report is from a private forensic lab and it's paid. We will see if a court admits it or not. The investigations have been done by different agencies and all of them have come to the same conclusion [that it was a suicide]."