Jiah Khan rubbishes rumours of being Aamir Khan’s stepsister

Jiah Khan will be making her debut in Ramgopal Varma’s film Nishabd opposite Amitabh Bachchan. The film is based along the lines of the Hollywood flick ‘Lolita’ and revolves around the relationship shared between an older man and a young girl. The film has already been shot and post production work on the film is going on, however even before her debut release the pretty young Jiah is already getting into several controversies. Jiah is only 18 yrs and has unfortunately been linked to her mentor and director Varma. But now the new rumour doing the rounds is that Jiah is actor Aamir Khan’s stepsister.
Many people in the industry having been speculating that Jiah is the daughter of Tahir Hussain. These rumours perhaps began as Jiah’s mother Rabiya and Tahir are close friends. However Tahir Hussain says “As far as I know, Rabiya is married to a man from Pakistan. Rabiya is a very close friend of mine, but I was never married to her and Jiah is not my daughter.” Jiah too has been hearing many of these rumours and many people have even asked her if she is related to Aamir Khan. A visibly upset Jiah says “This is completely untrue and utter rubbish. To be frank I don’t know much about my father and I have never asked my mother about him. All I know is that he was an American.”

Jiah claims that these rumours started as her mother has done a few films with Tahir Hussain. However Ramgopal Varma claimed that he had no knowledge about these rumours and he also was unaware if they were true. Jiah Khan will have a debut film that every aspiring actress only dreams of, not only has she done her first film with an acclaimed director like Ramgopal but she has also worked opposite an actor of such high caliber as Amitabh Bachchan. Jiah admires Amitabh Bachchan a lot and claims that she learnt a lot from him. Jiah also plans to write Amitabh a letter expressing her gratitude, affection and extreme fondness for him.