Jiah Khan's suicide case transferred to CBI by High Court

The alleged suicide by the Bollywood actress Jiah Khan caught the attention of the media. It was heatedly debated whether it was a case of simple suicide or not. The arguments and counter arguments were numerous. Even now, the police and media are unable to uncover the truth. In a recent development, the Bombay high court on Thursday transferred the case to CBI from Juhu police. However the CBI was less than willing to take up the case, due to a shortage of man power.

The division bench comprising of justices PD Kode and VM Kanade reprimanded the central agency and stated that, "In a country with over one billion population, the CBI has the audacity to tell the court that they have only 11 officers." Even CBI was compared to the American agency FBI. FBI showed interest earlier to take up the case as Jiah was the citizen of US. The bench remarked, "See the concern shown by the US administration towards the death of their citizen, and see the attitude of the CBI." The bench also added that, "You cannot shun your responsibility; an agency like the CBI cannot come up with an excuse that it does not have adequate manpower and machinery to investigate cases. Ultimately, it is the duty of the state to protect the lives of citizens and to maintain law and order."

The court transferred the case after going through the charge sheet compiled by Juhu police against Sooraj Pancholi. Though no fault was found about the police investigation, the division bench felt that it was inadequate. The police didn’t cover the angel of possible murder. The court narrated, "The possibility of someone entering through the window (and escaping without getting noticed after killing the 25-year-old) ought to have been investigated properly."

Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan had earlier appealed to the court for a CBI probe. She had claimed in her statement that Jiah couldn’t have committed suicide and it is a case of murder. Subhash Jha, the counsel of Rabiya Khan also pointed out that the police probe was unsatisfactory and they didn’t even investigate the crime angel despite the order of court.

Jiah’s live in partner Sooraj Pancholi is at present out on bail. He was booked by the police on charges of causing the suicide. Sooraj is the son of noted Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi.