Jhalak Dikhla Jaa: Madhuri is just amazing, Maksim

The dancing reality show, ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ has gained huge popularity with the Indian audience because of its talented performers and celebrity judges including Madhuri Dixit. The panel of distinguished judges comprising of Karan Johar and Remo in addition to Madhuri has now been joined by Maksim "Maks" Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy as a guest celebrity judge. This celebrated Ukrainian ball room dancer who recently won the Mirror Ball trophy of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, talked about his entire Indian experience in an exclusive interview.

Though Maks had not yet had the chance to explore the country or even learn Hindi, he declared that he was enjoying himself hugely. In fact, he had jumped at the offer to judge the show as it gave him the opportunity to visit a different country and experience a different culture. Though the Bollywood genre is very different from what he is familiar with, Maks said that judging dancing is same everywhere and this is helping him to understand the show. Though the Bollywood dances are more of a show with lots of love, laughter and happiness, the platform is very similar to ‘Dancing with the stars’. Hence it has become easy for him to judge the show.

Talking about his ideal perfect dancing couple, Maks drew on his experience with the Argentinian tango. This is a dance where the performers approach the dance in a more personal way. The audience is made to feel as if they are peeping into something very personal through a keyhole. However, Maks pointed out that though any couple who can give off that aura of intimacy would be his perfect couple, he also realized that the Bollywood style is far more open and showy.

Talking about his co-judges and his experience on the sets of ‘Jhalak dikhlaa Jaa’, the dancer and celebrity judge was full of praises, especially for Madhuri. “Madhuri is just amazing – even if I didn't know who she was, which I didn't – I initially felt very positive sitting next to her and I felt that she will help me if I needed it. It was a great experience sharing a desk with her and sitting there,” he said. He also admired the professionalism of Karan Johar.

To those participants of the show who have not yet won an award, Maks said, “Keep working. Keep trying to be better. It’s not all about just dance steps but it’s also about personality, it’s also about the measures you take, it’s also about managing your celebrity to be not just a dancer but a politician.”