Jewels theft: Served Aamir Khan for 18 yrs, says heartbroken Farzana

A ring and a necklace worth Rs 80 lakh was stolen from Aamir Khan’s Carter road residence. Following police complaint the three aides of Aamir are being grilled by the police for the last nine to ten days from morning to evening. One among them was Farzana Sheikh, who served Aamir Khan for the last 18 years. The 50-year-old feels privilege to cook for the actor but for the past few days she was left with broken heart.

“Is this what she is getting after so many years of loyalty?” questioned her mother Kesar Begum.

Apart from Farzana, the two other prime suspects are Kiran’s assistant Suzanna and the domestic help Jhumki.

Farzana’s mother, Kesar Begum recalled that Farzana was so dedicated that she would never go home, not even during the month of Ramadan. “Even during Ramadan, she never used to come home; we had to go meet her at Aamir’s house. That’s how loyal she is to her work. And this is what she is getting in return,” said Kesar Begum (78).

To find some clues, the police searched Farzana’s home and searched all their belongings. “They even searched the containers in which we keep daal, but found nothing. I am scared, because I don’t want the police to manhandle or hurt my daughter. I have faith in Farzana — she would never do something like this,” added Kesar, who was once used to work at Aamir’s household.

Along with Kesar, her brother and son have also worked for him. “Farzana has been at Aamir’s house ever since she was eight years old. For a few years, she went to work in Singapore with her sister, but after returning, she has been cooking for Aamir for 18 years straight. They (the Khans) have always treated her as their own, then why are the cops questioning her for hours on end every day?” questioned Kesar.

Farzana’s sister echoed, “My sister has been working there for so many years, and today, she is being taken to the police station every day for questioning. Is this what we get for being loyal for so many years? Hamein Aamir Khan se yeh ummeed nahi thi.”

Farzana’s younger son Syed Arbaaz Ali (18) recalled that whether in India or abroad, Aamir would never leave for shoots without Farzana. “He loves her cooking so much that he cannot do without it. She Farzana knows his diet perfectly, and cooks for him accordingly. Whether it was for Dhoom 3, for which she went to Chicago with him, or even for Dangal, for which she went to Punjab, my mother would follow him everywhere. He follows a very strict diet and breaks it only once a week, and only so he can taste the kebabs that my mother makes.”

Along with the three, his driver who used to drive Aamir’s mom in Pune is also questioned. “The police have been asking us how many years ago did we buy gold jewellery, who are the unknown numbers calling on our phones, and why was Farzana in Singapore. How can we keep a record of all this? said Kesar.