Jennifer Winget denies divorce rumor

Charming TV couple Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover’s divorce report is doing all the rounds but Jennifer while speaking to a leading daily refuted the divorce report and said that all is well between them and they only fight like a normal couple.

Denying the divorce, Jennifer said, "Such rumours have been rife ever since we got married. It doesn't affect us as it's a part and parcel of the industry. Why unnecessarily explain or justify? But sometimes, things go out of hand and that's when I decided to finish it off," she replies.

She also refused that she has walked out of Karan's home. "I am living in the same house. Karan's parents and brother are also with us. They know the truth and that's all that matters. People talk and you can't stop them," she says.

About their fights, she says, "We fight and argue like any other normal couple. Just because we are actors, it doesn't change the nature of our relationship. I am not hassled or affected because of the upbringing I have had. My in-laws are the coolest people, they are not affected by anything." Karan has often been in news for his philandering ways. Has she been able to tame her husband? "There is no need for me to tame anybody. I don't want to change anybody, I wouldn't want to change myself. If I change, I am not me. We are friends and behave like that. Why do people make such a big deal about marriage? Every relationship requires hard work. Both of us have changed and it's from within and not forced. We have to change, or else we won't grow," she answers.

When asked how does she react to his link-up rumours? "That was written when he was doing his last TV show. No matter who we work with, people are going to associate us with them, especially when we are a part of love stories. It's bound to happen and people keep speculating. There is nothing to react when you know the truth. All's well here," she adds.

Jennifer said Karan is too busy to start a family now, "In some time. He is very busy and I also want a little time. We barely get time together," concludes the actress.