Jeetendra sexually abused me when I was 18, alleges cousin

Sexual harassment case was filed against veteran actor Jeetendra by his cousin from Himachal Pradesh. After 47 years, his cousin gathered courage to come forward and took legal action against the actor. The victim filed complaint with Himachal Pradesh’s Director General of Police. The victim said that after feminist awareness campaigns such as #MeToo, she got the nerve to speak up about the unpleasant incident which took place with her when she was 18.

The victim decided to file the complaint against Jeetendra after the death of her parents because if they got to know that their own nephew sexually abused their daughter then it would hurt her deeply.

In her complaint, the victim said that the actor abused her when she accompanied him to a film shoot. Over the years, the victim has suffered mental trauma and now she has decided to end it. She requested media not to reveal her identity considering Jeetendra is rich and affluent and has strong political connection.

However, Jeetendra’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee responded to the allegation and totally denied the accusation against his client. He issued a statement. 

Here's the full statement:

"Foremost my client specifically and categorically denies any such incident. Besides even otherwise such baseless, ridiculous and fabricated claims cannot be entertained by any Court of law or the law enforcement agencies after a span of almost 50 years. The Statute has provided a justice delivery system through the Courts, and the Limitation Act 1963 was specifically enacted to ensure that all genuine complaints are made within a maximum time limit of three years, so that a proper investigation is carried out and timely justice is delivered.

Besides I want to make it specifically clear that the law does not give any person any rights or liberties of making any baseless, ridiculous or fabricated claims against any man publicly and seek to defame him with a hidden personal agenda.

Media is therefore adviced to cautiously refrain from giving any importance to such ridiculous, baseless and fabricated claims, and they should not participate in any way whatsoever in defaming or assassinating the character of any man in such cases.

In any event the timing of this baseless complaint seems to be nothing but a miserable effort made by a jealous competitor to disrupt the business activities of my client and his esteemed Company. Such efforts are therefore in all fairness treated with the contempt it truly deserves.”