‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’: Ranveer Singh’s Gujarati avatar wins heart

The first look of Ranveer Singh from his upcoming film, ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ was released today and the actor surprises one and all with his Gujarati avatar. The ‘Ram Leela’ actor seems to shed few kilos for his role and he looks different. The poster showed him dressed simply in an orange and black tee with grey pant and few ladies covering their face with veil standing behind him.

When Ranveer Singh was asked about his role, he said, “As Charlie Chaplin once said: ‘To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it’. Jayeshbhai is an unlikely hero, an ordinary man, who ends up doing something extraordinary when he’s hurled into a threatening situation. He is sensitive and compassionate, and believes in equal rights between men and women in a society that is deeply rooted in patriarchal ideals and practices.”

The actor says ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ allows him try new a different and challenging role, he said, “deconstructing myself in order to transform into a kind of character I’ve never inhabited before”.

The film is set in Gujarat and the miracle script is written and directed by debutante Divyang Thakkar.  “Divyang has poured his soul into this brilliant piece of writing that will nudge you to introspect whilst making you smile and laugh the entire time,” says Ranveer.

Producer Maneesh Sharma, who discovered Divyang quips Ranveer is “fearless when it comes to inhabiting a role”. He adds: “He has continued [with the new film] his risk-taking behaviour, while eschewing his looks for his character’s needs. This faith in the director’s vision and the self-confidence of going against your image is what makes Ranveer a filmmaker’s delight.”