Jaya Bachchan says she will slap Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan attending Drona premiere with his family did not put an end of all the recent controversies of the ugly spat between the Bachchans and the Khan family. Whereas, it has further arose many doubts when Jaya Bachchan made a demean statement about SRK. The recent statement of Jaya Bachchan about Shahrukh Khan created ripples in the film industry.  Speaking at a press conference of a lifestyle magazine 'People', Jaya remarked that she would have slapped Shahrukh if he had made any infamous statement about his ideal bahurani, Aishawarya in her presence.

Jaya Bachchan made this pot boiling statement when she was asked to comment on the recent Shahrukh-Salman fight and how did she feel when it is rumored that SRK had mentioned her bahurani Ash's name during the brawl. Jaya commented that she will ask Shahrukh if he really remarked badly about Ash and if his answer is positive, she will slap him.

Media shy Jaya Bachchan has now become too desperate to speak her heart in the public. She has also earlier pointed finger at Karishma Kapoor’s character, saying that she is not at all homely, whereas her bahu Ash is respective, down to earth as well as provocative.

Bachchan-Khan's fight still continues and here we see how a Saas fights in defend of her Bahu.