Jaya Bachchan blasts at a fan, calls him stupid for clicking selfie

Jaya Bachchan snaps at a fan for clicking her picture when she visited a temple in Mumbai on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Out of rage, she tried to snatch away his camera phone and called him ‘stupid’. Jaya never mince her words as we all know and at the Shree Mankeshwar Mandir in Mumbai when a fan tried to click her, she got furious, snapped at him and heard saying: “Don’t do this! Stupid.” She then straightway headed to her car.

The video of Jaya losing her cool at a fan went viral. The video shows the veteran was not in good health and she needed assistance to walk.

This is not the only incident of Jaya Bachchan losing her cool in a public. Years back at Subhash Ghai’s birthday bash, she blast at the media persons for calling her bahu Aishwarya as ‘Ash’.

As per a web portal, ''When the two ladies were met by a group of photographers who called out to Aishwarya to pose for them is when it all happened. But what they got was a tongue-lashing from Jaya.''

Jaya turned around and said, "Kya Aishwarya Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class mein padhti thi kya?

''Aishwarya maintained a poker face throughout the episode and the two left immediately.''

Recently, at Esha Deol’s baby shower also she snaps at the priest when the latter got carried away and started taking selfies with star guests. She reprimanded the priest for his carelessness and asked him to focus on his prayers.

Jaya Bachchan cannot stand unfairness and her actions have proved the same in various occasions.