Jaya apologies on Raj Thackeray's demand

MNS chief Raj Thackeray demands an unconditional apology from Jaya Bachchan after she has made a controversial remark on Hindi and Marathi language. According to Jaya, her statement was misunderstood as she did not mean to hurt the sentiments of the people of Maharastra. She directed this statement to those people who in spite of working in Hindi films prefer to speak in English in an interview. The actress further said that she cannot insult a city which has given her so much. She has made a sincere apology to the Mumbaikars and asked them not to misinterpret her remarks.

The MNS workers ignited on Jaya's statement and painted black on the posters of the Bachchans and protested a ban on their films and endorsements. They even burnt their effigies in some parts of Maharastra. Addressing a film function in Mumbai last week, Jaya Bachchan said she would speak in Hindi as she belonged to Uttar Pradesh. "The people of Maharashtra should forgive us for this," she added. MNS was always miffed with the Bachchans and her latest remark has given them a chance to hit them back.

Bollywood speaks in favor of the Bachchans and blamed Raj Thackeray for disturbing the peace and harmony of the city by simply making the issue bigger.