Jasbir Jassi denies meeting Honey Singh at rehab as reports claimed

Punjabi rapper-singer Yo Yo Honey Singh went missing from public eye since October last year giving rise to rumours about him battaling drug addiction, diseases, ill-health and the sorts. Then it was reported that singer Jasbir Jassi had met the ‘Lungi dance’ singer at a Chandigarh-based rehab where the rapper was being treated.

However Jassi has now denied the reports which claimed that he had met Honey Singh some months ago. Reacting to the news reported by Hindustan Times, the singer posted a picture of the newspaper report on his Facebook wall and wrote, “Hello. I am referring here to the Hindustan Times article. According to this article I met Honey Singh in a rehab. I need to clarify here that I NEVER MET HONEY SINGH IN REHAB. Further to this I also want to add that I have nothing personal against him, infact I admire his music and am fan of his beats. Only issue I ever had was with some of his songs with obscene lyrics and glorifying alcohol/drugs.”

The newspaper report had quoted Jassi as saying that he was sad about what Honey Singh was going through and that his condition was the result of taking steroids. It also quoted him that the ‘Char Bottle Vodka’ singer’s manager had said Honey Singh was recovering.

Honey Singh, who was the judge of the talent show ‘India’s Raw Star’ was replaced by singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya in November 2014. Earllier this year, the singer emerged again by announcing his return over Facebook.

Thereafter, he made a comeback with ‘Birthday Bash’. While no explanation were given for his mysterious disappearance, rumour attributes it to rehab for drugs after a speculated falling out with actor Shah Rukh Khan, for whose Chennai Express he created ‘Lungi Dance’, NDTV reported.