‘Jannat’ director Kunal Deshmukh stuck in Nepal Earthquake

Kunal Deshmukh the director of the super hit and romantic film ‘Jannat’, who had visited Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has been finally announced to be safe. Nepal, largely its capital city of Kathmandu was recently hit by a colossal earthquake of 7.9 magnitudes leaving the country in doldrums.

The search regarding the director’s current scenario was raised earlier the day by the Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt on his Twitter account.

"Can someone help us search Kunal Deshmukh (director of my film 'Jannat') in Kathmandu? He was living in the Gorkana Forest Resort." Mahesh Bhatt posted on Twitter.

Later the day the information of him being fine was passed down by the director Mahesh Bhatt himself via twitter.

"Just talked to Kunal & Sonali. They r both sitting on the Kathmandu runway waiting for an aircraft to carry them back HOME," the well-known filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt tweeted on his Twitter account.

The producer Ashvini Yardi and the erstwhile Balaji Telefilms CEO Tanuj Garg also confirmed that Deshmukh is doing fine. It has been reported that the director is safe. He is said to be awaiting his return to India.

"Sir, Kunal is safe..Just spoke to his grandma he has gotten in touch [email protected]posted the producer Ashvini Yardi later in response to Mahesh Bhatt’s concern on Twitter.

Tanuj Garg, the ex-CEO also on the other hand confirmed Kunal Deshmukh's safety. He chiefly  shared some further and latest information on the whereabouts of the director.

 "@MaheshNBhatt He texted me this morning that he is safe and is figuring a way to return to Mumbai. This is as of 9 a.m." tweeted Tanuj Garg as well.

Kunal Deshmukh directed the super successful Bollywood film ‘Jannat’. The film starred Emran Hashmi as the leading actor in the film. The film had done extremely well at the box office. The songs from the film have also remained some of the top tracks in the charts. The success of the film resulted into releasing its sequel later.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale shook Nepal on Saturday. The epicenter of the massive earthquake had lain in its capital city of Kathmandu. The devastation has been of exponential proportions. The death toll has soared above 2500 in Nepal. The earthquake has also created ripples in the Indian states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, NCT Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Guwahati and Punjab.