Janhvi Kapoor trolled for celebrating birthday post Sridevi’s demise

Janhvi Kapoor celebrated her 21st birthday only few days later after her mom Sridevi’s demise with her cousin sisters and also shared pictures of her birthday on social media account. This did not go with the netizens and she was badly trolled for smiling and enjoying birthday.

Anshula Kapoor, Janhvi’s half-sister hosted the birthday party and, in the picture, shared on the social media showed the private party was attended by Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, Shanaya Kapoor, Anshula among others. The birthday girl and her sister Khushi looked very happy as they were clicked with their cousin sisters.

Jahnvi was trolled badly for enjoying birthday only few days after her mom's demise. 

Here are the negative comments posted. 

"What's the hurry to celebrate the b day just 1 week after cremation, they could not postpone their celebration after 13 days is so surprising, moving on is important but please at least wait for the mourning period to get over. Nobody is asking them to be sad and crying all the time. It's the timing of posting such a pic is what is odd," wrote an user on a group photo of the Kapoor cousins shared by Sonam while another added: "Touchwood, but if I would have lost (someone close), I would not be smiling for photos the way she is doing. No offence for anyone here."

"The problem is not the celebration but the self-awareness of being a celebrity. Your family have been in the spotlight for decades now but you still haven't learned the responsibility of being public figures. If you wanted to cut a dozen of cakes then go ahead do it privately not showing off to the world upsetting fans who are still mourning the death of someone from YOUR FAMILY!"

“For god sake, millions are still mourning and It's harsh, would Sonam be sharing her happy wedding photos when Anil is gone? Disgusted to see this, at least keep your strong happy brainy girly photos private. This isn't inspiring, forgotten when she's gone, reality of life and what a great memoir from her family! Sonam, we got to know you better with this photo and hate you for not being sensitive as anyone would, you're insanely different!,” one user slammed Sonam Kapoor for posting this picture.

“Insensitive..don think you guys are mourning the loss,” wrote another.

“Last 20yrs Janhvi is cutting her birthday cake cant she leave it for this year or 13 days later she can give big bash party ...cant believe #sonamKapoor did that .....will she do the same if she lose her mom ...."WAKEUP JANHVI" dont ruin ur image what your mother has created for "YOU" #kapooranddaughters,” the comments are in huge numbers.

But comments in support of Janhvi was also posted. 

“I don't know why some people are so insensitive.. Why can't anyone be happy on her birthday ? Sridevi's demise is a huge loss but crying on that will hurt her soul.. Sridevi will be very happy seeing her daughters happy.. Strong kapoor girls,” wrote one user.

“Janhvi I'm happy to see yuh happy..i kw it's very hard for yuh make a simle on ur face.. ignore these rubbish plp who trolled yuh for stupid reason... u r jst 21 year old grl u have long life... so jst moveon with simle on ur face,” another user backer Kapoor sister.