'James Bond' actor Paul Bhattacharjee dies

The actor who was seen in an insignificant role in the James Bond movie Casino Royal, Paul Bhattacharjee has been found dead by the British police on July 17, 2013 near cliffs in Seaford, East Sussex.

The stage and screen actor went missing in London last Wednesday i.e. July 10, 2013. There was no news of him in the last week. The British Police have found the corpse of the 53 year old. They suspected it was him after matching the descriptions available with them. It was only after a day that his identity was verified and it was declared that the stage and film actor is no more.

The London based actor of Indian origin had been a part of movies like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Dirty Pretty Things and White Teeth. He was the co founder of Tara Arts, the first all Asian theater company which was based out of Britain.

The sudden death of the actor has not given rise to any doubt of foul play in the minds of the British police. No traces of murder or criminal activity were found and the British police have called his untimely death ‘non-suspicious’. As per their official statement there was no indication of any form that he was killed or murdered. The cause of death thus remains a mystery.

Without any conclusive evidence, it will be very difficult to ascertain how and why the actor died. The British police have informed his next of kin about his demise. Paul Bhattacharjee, who also called himself Gautam Bhattacharjee was last seen in a jovial and upbeat mood at Royal Court, a theatre located in central London. He had then messaged his girlfriend, the contents of which have not been revealed by the British police.

Paul’s son Rahul Bhattacharjee is deeply shocked by his father’s sudden disappearance and eventual death. He says the entire episode was ‘completely out of character’ and he is still struggling to come to terms with it. Paul’s colleagues have expressed their deepest condolences and regrets for having lost him from amidst them. They were all praises for him and said that he was a pleasure to work with and have around. The grief stricken fraternity mostly expressed their sorrow on the popular micro blogging site, twitter. They have said that he leaves a void that no one can ever fill. He will be deeply missed.