Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan slammed for forcing a boy to hug

Lately, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez were in a dance show Dance Deewane for the promotion of their upcoming film, ‘Race 3’ and on that very show the stars gave the trollers a chance to troll them. Jacqueline and Salman were highly slammed for their act on the show. The stars made a seven-year-old boy to forcibly hug Jacqueline which netizens did not like at all.  

 Jacqueline asks to hug a seven-year-old participant, but he says no. "Aise hi. Mann nahi kar raha," the boy says. Salman then laughs, "Abbe, hug karne ka mann nahi kar raha hai? Tu udhar hi ruk."

The superstar brings Jacqueline on stage and asks the boy again, "Ab kar raha hai mann?" Salman then pushed the boy into Jacqueline's outstretched arms.

Salman made the boy hug Jacqueline a second time. "Ek aur baar hug karo tight sa," he instructs.

Jacqueline shared the video on her Instagram account and wrote, "Kids usually love me, this boy was an exception.. at least I got my hug in the end."

Least did Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan know that they will be slammed for their funny act. Netizens were miffed as they forcibly made the boy to hug the actress.

Here are few tweets against Salman and Jacqueline:

 "A no is a no. Irrespective of age or gender," one user wrote.

"How is this any less disgusting than what papon did. Like please explain how. Shouldn't she also be criticized on national TV. Consent works both ways, forcing a boy is also wrong (sic)," the user wrote.

One user wrote, “how am I being pessimistic? The boy didn't consent to the hug he was clearly very uncomfortable. Kids have boundaries too that need to respected. Calling her out for her problematic behavior isn't being pessimistic it's stating facts.”

While another user wrote, “regardless of whether the child was joking or not (I personally don’t think he was, look at body language, Salman turned it into a joke), when asked if he wanted a hug he said “nahi”. The word no came out of his mouth and that gives nobody the right to go hug him anyway. As far as “sabhi bachho ke saath hota hai” is concerned, well that doesn’t make it okay. It only means that adults don’t understand that the concept of consent also applies to children.”