Jackpot: Sunny, Sachiin’s steamy scene “too hot to handle”

Fans complain they did not get enough of Indo-Canadian porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2’ and to fulfill their wish ‘Boom’ director Kaizad Gustad has showcased Sunny Leone in bare-dare attitude but censor board is not in awe of the steamy scene shot between Sunny and lead actor Sachiin Joshi in 'Jackpot'and asked the makers to chop down the scene. They feel Sunny is too hot to handle in the scene.

‘Jackpot’ received ‘A’ certificate from censor despite axing some controversial scenes.

“The raw energy was overwhelming. And though it is an ‘A’, there is only so much we can show here. It is India,” says another source on the condition of anonymity.

Sunny Leone however said that this film doesn’t need censorship, as the makers are okay with an ‘A’ certification.

"But I don't think there is anything in the movie that requires censorship. It's a very nice family movie that everyone can watch," added the actress.

Sachiin, however, remains optimistic: “I am hoping the censors will reconsider (the edits), as we have an ‘A’ certification,” he says, adding, “The scenes in the film are very much a part of the script and hence deserve to be there.”

Meanwhile, director Kaizad Gustad is upset with censor board for banning the song ‘Eggjactly’ by Javed Jaffrey.

"It's unnecessary. I don't understand why the song has been banned - it's funny and there is humour in it. It is not anything personal it is about the whole country. He (Javed) has not attacked any one person," Gustad said.

"The censor board should have some sense of humour. It's just a funny song and he has not offended anybody. He has been very careful to avoid personal attacks," Gustad added.

The film's actor-producer Sachiin Joshi feels he is being targeted.

"I seriously think it's somebody's ploy against me and I am being targeted," he said reacting to the ban on the song.

‘Jackpot’ shot in Goa will hit the theatres on Dec 13. The film also features Naseeruddin Shah.