I’ve been mentally harassed, 'Missing' comedian Siddharth Sagar opens up

For four months, comedian Siddharth Sagar has been missing. His missing came into light when one of his friends Somi Saxena, shared a collage of his pictures on her Facebook account and wrote, "You guys remember him Siddharth Sagar aka selfie Mausi urf Naseer this guy is missing since 4 month last seen on 18 November 2017. Nobody knows where he is. He is my very good friend please help me find him spread this as much as u can (sic).” 

However, Siddharth finally came out in the open and reveals the details about his whereabouts.

In the video, Sidharth said, "“Hi everyone. I have received a lot of calls from the media and from my friends to check on whether I was fine or not, where I was and how I am. I have gone through some problems recently. I had filed an NC (non-cognizable offence) against my family because of which they created many problems for me. I have been mentally harassed. I have gotten out of a lot of problems. The place where I am now, they have supported and helped me and I will come in front of the media in 1-2 days and will reveal all that has happened to me. After seeing all of your concerns, I made a video which I posted. I will come out in 1-2 days. Thank you.”

Several reports claimed that the comedian was having some issues with his mother, a close friend of Sidharth was quoted as saying by The Indian Express, "It’s so strange because he was very close to his mother and family. If he is saying that he filed a complaint against them, I am sure it must be a big issue, for they were a close-knit family. I have been trying to reach out to him for a long time but his number was also disconnected. I am relieved to see Sidharth’s video and waiting for him to speak out.”