Girlfriend Iulia performs Lord Shiva’s aarti at Salman’s farmhouse

Iulia Vantur has made a special place in the heart of the family members of Salman Khan’s family. Salman Khan is away shooting for ‘Race 3’ in Bangkok but she made sure to grace the Mahashiratri puja at her rumoured beau’s farmhouse. Not only this, Iulia also performed Shiva aarti on the request of the superstar’s mother Salma Khan.  

Says a source, “The Khan-daan comes together for the Mahashivratri pooja every year and Salman does the aarti. However, this time around, he is not in the country (Salman is shooting for Race 3 in Bangkok). Thus, Iulia took centre stage. She was clearly a member of the family.”

Adds the source, “Iulia kept up with the family’s ritual and donated food and clothes to the villagers.”

During a recent interview, when Iulia was asked about marriage, she answered candidly, "I don't know when that will happen. Honestly, I am not in a hurry. I have said it before also; I don't think marriage is necessary, when two people are in love. When two people are really bonding well and they are building something (together) because relationship is not just about a paper. It's about what you build in time. It's not about that piece of paper. That doesn't give you anything. The only guarantee is the commitment that you do," she said in an interview.

Iulia doesn't wish to just be referred to as Salman's girlfriend, and that she is an individual in her own right. "As a person who has built her career back in Romania and who was known only for her work, it not really bothers (doesn't really bother) me, but I would have prefer (preferred) to be recognised as a individuality (an individual), as a person who has own history, background and solid career, you know," said the Romanian beauty.