Its official, Saif-Kareena to exchange rings

The whole world knows that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are couple but the duo wants to give a stamp to their relationship by exchanging rings. They wanted to make their relationship official by exchanging rings. They have decided to engage formally but it doesn’t mean that marriage is also in the card. It will happen but not very soon. They both wanted to concentrate on their career.

‘They want to announce to the whole world that they are engaged. Now, whether they want to have an official engagement ceremony or want to have a party to celebrate their engagement is up to them. Both of them have spoken about it, and have arrived at the decision that they can announce their engagement to the whole world’, says the source.

Unlike other Bollywood couples, Saifeena never hide their relationship. They are always open about their status.

Now the question is how the duo will celebrate the day, whether they will opt for a grand party or it will be a hush-hush affair. A source informs, “The decision rests on both of them. The whole world knows that they are very much together and getting engaged will just put a sort of an official stamp on it. Marriage will happen when it’s supposed to happen,” ends the source. Apparently the engagement talks are happening in the Kapoor househ hold for quite sometime now, so it just remains to be seen when the announcement comes”.