It’s official: Nayantara dating Vignesh Shivan

Southern sensation Nayantara is dating director Vignesh Shivan. Reports of their relationship were doing the round for quite sometime but only recently it got confirmed. Their first public appearance together at the award function in Singapore put a stamp on their relationship. They came together and enjoyed the award show seating next to each other.

The couple looked too much in love, they engrossed in deep conversation and when Vignesh was called upon the stage to collect his award for Best Director for his movie ‘’Nanum Rowdy Dhaan’ he couldn’t stop raving the actress in the flick, Nayantara. He called her to be ‘best human being’ he came across and thanked for coming to the script reading and agreeing’.

The love between the two came into forefront when Nayanthara won the best actress award for the same film and delivered her speech. She said, "I was full of doubts; I wasn't sure if this is a role I could pull off convincingly. But Vicky (Vignesh) had complete faith in me. He's the only one who encouraged me and told me that this is the time to try different things as an actor, and that no one else could do it but me. Thank you, Vicky."

Nayan apologised to the senior actors who were called to present her the award and said, "I actually wanted to receive this from him, so can I please call Vignesh on stage?"

Audience were cheering for the couple as they collected their respective awards and showering praise over one another.

The couple is yet to make their relationship official but it is almost got confirmed that something special is brewing between Nayantara and Vignesh.