Its official: Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne legally divorced

It’s shocking but it is true, Bollywood’s most cherished and stylish couple Hrithik Roshan and his wife Suzanne Roshan called it a quit. They have ended their 17 years old relationship and Hrithik himself announced the bad news to the media. For the last four to five months, the actor and his wife has been living separately and speculation was rife about their alleged break-up but Hrithik Rohan today put a stamp on the news.

It was Suzanne who took the call and decided to live separately with her loving and caring husband.  A statement issued by the actor confirms, “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. It is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time,” says Hrithik,

Hrithik and Suzanne had a love marriage. It was not yet known the reason of their sepeartion. Hrithik and Suzanne had been married for the last 13 years and have two sons, Hrehaan 7 and Hridhaan 5.

Though break-up, Hrithik still believes in marriage. “I do not wish this news to disempower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honour it at the highest level,” says the actor.

However, Hrithik is optimistic about starting life in a new way, “I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health. My treatment is going fine. I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon,” he says.

The crack in their paradise came in to public glare during Rakesh Roshan’s last birthday but their marriage was going through a rough patch even before it. The couple is said to be living separately for four months. Off late, it was heard that hunk will move to a new abode and Suzanne will live with the Roshans.

Suzanne and Hrithik were not spotted together for a long time. She did not stand beside Hrithik when ‘Krrish 3’ made a grand success and when the superhero left for the US for treatment to cure headache, Suzanne was absent from the entire picture. In fact, a close friend of the hunk accompanied him to the US, informed by Rakesh Roshan.

What’s most striking is that the 39-year-old actor will not present at the launch of his wife’s luxury concept boutique while close pals of Suzanne insists her to postpone the launch for Hrithik to come back from the US.

News is also doing the rounds that the couple is planning to legally end their relationship. They have filed for divorce.

Unfortunately, another Bollywood marriage gone kaput!