It's Official: Amitabh crosses 13 million followers on Twitter

Bollywood is not the only place where Amitabh Bachchan creates the thrill. The social media sites are also touched with the dynamism of this megastar. He turned out the number one celeb on Twitter according to the analysis that was done in December last year. Once again, Big-B has emerged as the king of Twitter with a whopping number of fans. He now boasts more than 13 million followers and has been again ranked number one in India.

Bachchan might be aging, but in reality he is the most active person on Twitter. He has outshone all the young actors and actresses. He does not just entertain his fans with his onscreen talents, but he likes to keep in touch with them through social media too. What is amazing is that Bachchan gives as much respect to his fans as he receives from them.

This down to earth and warm personality is what makes him the number one celeb of the country. Looking at his tweets, one can clearly make out how much he loves to share his life with his fans. When he crossed 13 million, he made sure to thank his followers once again. He tweeted on 1st February, “T 1756 - And its finally 13 million on twitter .. thank you all my wishers .. !! 13  million  !!”

Amitabh’s tweets range from the most serious to most fun filled ones. He makes it a point to talk about almost everything on Twitter- social causes, the causes he supports, his upcoming films and even his personal life and what he is up to.

In December 2014, Bachchan topped the popularity list with over 12 million followers. 'TO THE NEW’ is the digital service provider that carries out the analysis to find out who is the most popular on Twitter. The ranking system that is followed is based on three parameters- the number of tweets per day, the absolute increase in followers and the number of followers as well.

As the report revealed last year, Amitabh had 20 tweets, replies and re-tweets per day, on an average. Son Abhishek Bachchan followed his daddy as he stood on the second position, with the average of 10 tweets per day. Then too, Amitabh hadn’t forgot to thank his followers “12 MILLION !! IT IS NOW OFFICIAL !!! Thank you all that follow .. may you continue .. and may I be with you each day .. my love !!”