‘It’s getting serious’, Priyanka Chopra on dating Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra opens her heart out about spending so much time together with actor/singer Nick Jonas. According to her ‘things are getting serious’ between them and their recent trip to India has cemented their relationship.

“They’re very happy,” a source close to the couple told People. “It’s getting serious.” Before the India trip, Priyanka had accompanied Nick to his cousin’s wedding. “It’s a huge deal that Nick brought Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding,” a source had previously said. “He’s dated a lot over the last couple years but it’s never been anything serious, so this is a big step.”

While talking to People.com, Priyanka said, “We’re getting to know each other and I think it was a great experience for him.” She further stated, "That’s what he said. I think he really enjoyed it. It was really beautiful. He had a great time.”

Talking about travelling with Nick, PeeCee said, “To me, my whole life is about travelling. I travel every two weeks on a different plane. My family flies over, my friends fly with me. It’s not a big deal in my world. It’s my normal.”

The actress also revealed what’s important for her ideal date night. She said, “Being in a surrounding where you can actually get to know them and it’s not about doing something that takes away from each other. I wouldn’t want a date night in an activity. That’s not a date. That’s a thing you do together, but date night is important to have two people be themselves and be able to spend time together and still love each other. Date night for me would be someone being thoughtful about the person they care about and being with them.”

Last month, Priyanka brought Nick to India and introduced him to her family. The duo went for a family dinner with Priyanka’s mom Madhu Chopra, brother Siddharth and few close friends. Then PeeCee attended Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehra’s pre-engagement party with Nick. She also arranged Goa vacation with Nick joined by Parineeti Chopra and few more friends.

After days of stay in India, Priyanka and Nick left for Brazil where the latter performed. The actress was seen cheering for Nick and clicking his pictures.

Lately, Priyanka and Nick were spotted with gold rings in their finger and it gave rise to the speculation that the couple has been engaged.