It’s difficult seeing my husband going out everyday wearing PPE kits, Kamya Panjabi

Television actor Kamya Panjabi’s husband Shalabh Dang works in the health sector and even during pandemic, he has to go out for making rounds of hospital wearing PPE kits.

In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, the ‘Shakti’ actress revealed that her husband, Shalabh Dang, who is on the management board of a hospital chain worldwide, goes out every day for rounds wearing a PPE kit.

“He has to visit hospitals across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Punjab. He has to travel and go to the corporate office even during this crisis. The way they show it on television, I’ve seen him wear the full PPE kit and go out everyday for rounds; it’s very difficult,” Panjani admits.

Well aware of the situation in hospitals, and the way frontline workers have been working tirelessly, the actor confesses, “At times, I want to tell him that he shouldn’t go, but I can’t say that.”

She had recently taken to social media to help someone in need, asking them their details, so Dang could do whatever was possible.

“So many people are dying every single day. There’s lack of oxygen and beds in hospital. Bauhaut darr lagta hai, aam janta pareshaan hai, itna kuchh ho raha hai. It’s painful watching the news, but you can’t run away from reality. You can’t escape something, which is happening around you. I’m not one of those, who wouldn’t see what’s happening. So, in whatever capacity I can help, I will,” she tells us.

On how she processes SOS requests on social media, Panjabi shares that she checks with her husband first, if it’s possible to help.

“If he says he’ll try, I get in touch with the person. I’m not the one to say, ‘Maine yeh donate kiya, voh donate kiya’. At times, before directly messaging someone, I’ve to put it on social media. A person in such a situation is mentally disturbed or busy, so the person will check his phone if they know they’re going to get a call,” ends the actor.