It’s a boy or a girl: Mom-to-be Kareena Kapoor opens up

Kareena Kapoor Khan, whose delivery is due in December opens up on having a baby boy or a girl. 

When the mommy-to-be was asked about her personal choice of having a girl or a boy, she gave the most suitable reply, the ‘Ki and Ka’ actress said, “The starange part is that Saif and I have never really asked ourselves whether we want a boy or a girl. It’s the first time so we want what God has sdecided for us. That’s why we haven’t thought of names. Saif loves suprises, and he likes the experiment of not knowing. So, he said, ‘Listen, let’s just keep it at that!”.

Saif recently slammed the report of having sex determination test in London. He said, “ I want to let everyone know that we have not yet had our child and we still don’t know the sex of the child. We will not be having our child in London and the name of the child will definitely nor be called ‘Saifeena’”.

Kareena beleives Saif will be the coolest dad, “Saif has been a parent before. He is a father, and the coolest one I know. He is amazing with his children and they are so well brought up. I just want him to be like that with out child. I don’t know how I am going to be as a mother. But with Saif, it’s quite strange, Saif is very spoiled and he spoils me a lot too. But with his children, he is very grounded. Suddenly, he is all stable-headed and becomes another person. It’s quite amazing”.