It’s a boy: Amy Jackson reveals the gender of her child

Amy Jackson is due in September and the expected mommy has been frequently sharing pictures of her pregnancy journey. Amy announced in public that she is pregnant with a baby boy.

Amy Jackson attended an event and in the presence of many guests she shouted ‘It’s a boy”. The guests cheered for the excited mommy-to-be.

In the video, Amy looks ecstatic as she shouts, "It's a boy."

On Mother’s Day, Amy Jackson announced to the world that she is expecting her first child with her fiance George Panayiotou.

The couple were dating for quite sometime and got engaged in January 2019 and planned to get married in early 2020 in Mykonos Island in Greece.

Talking to a UK magazine, the ‘2.0’ actress said that the pregnancy was totally unplanned. However, the 27-year-old actress reveals that she and her fiance are ready to become parents. 

"We're at that stage where we're definitely ready for it. I don't think you can ever plan something perfectly, but we're in such a good place. We're happy together, we have a beautiful home and we're excited to be a mum and dad," she exclaimed.

Amy disclosed that the pregnancy has brought her closer to boyfriend George. "We know each other pretty well - the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. We were inseparable before, but this is a different closeness," she explained.

The 2.0 actress also added that she is planning to balance motherhood and work properly. She said, "It's important to have your own career and identity, but it's nice to have this time to think about what's next. I've always gone from one film to the next so I'm using this as a bit of respite - for now."

In an adorable post, Amy Jackson took to social media yesterday (March 31) to announce the happy news to fans. She wrote, "I've been waiting to shout it from the rooftops, and today, being Mother's Day, it couldn't be a more perfect time... I already love you more than anything in this world, the purest most honest love. We can't wait to meet you our little Libra one (sic)"

Amy and George got engaged to each other on January 1 in Zambia. "He proposed on a raft in Zambia, with the sun setting and over a private dinner. It was beautiful," she told the UK magazine.