It’s a beautiful feeling, Vicky Kaushal on dating Katrina Kaif

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s dating rumour was doing the round on net for quite sometime but the couple never came out open about their relationship. Without confirming anything, the ‘Uri’ actor said that the dating rumour with Katrina is a “beautiful feeling”.

“There are no cons to dating. It’s a beautiful feeling,” Vicky told Mid-Day in an interview.

The actor said that he is not comfortable in sharing his personal life.“I understand that the paps are doing their job. I also understand that people have an interest in our personal lives, by the virtue of us being public figures. That’s fair. But it’s completely up to me if I wish to share. I am not comfortable opening up my personal life for discussion. It’s important to me that I guard the good things,” he said.

During a chat with Bollywood Hungama, Vicky was asked if he was dating Katrina, to which he replied, “I hope you respect this… I really want to guard my personal life to some extent because if you open up, it leads to discussions and interpretations and misinterpretations. That is something I am not inviting.”

“I guess it is better that way, that I guard my personal life to some extent and I don’t want to open up about anything,” he added.

Recently addressing the dating rumours in an interview, news agency IANS quoted Vicky Kaushal as saying. "I don't feel there is any scope of clarification. I have been very open about my personal life because I cannot lie," news agency IANS quoted the actor as saying.

The ‘Uri’ actor added, "There is no story at all."

Meanwhile, Katrina and Vicky’s dating rumour first sparked off when they were snapped together in last year’s Diwali party. Sometime back, on celebrity talk show 'Koffee with Karan season 6', when host Karan Johar said the actor that Katrina would love to work with him and that she thinks that they would look good together. To which the highly excited actor responded, "I was surprised she knows about my existence."

Last year, at the India Today Conclave, Vicky shared funny tale about his parents’ reaction to his link-ups. “I woke up in the morning and there was one link-up story in the newspaper. My mom and dad were sitting at the dining table. They were waiting for me to pick up the newspaper and read it. The moment I opened the newspaper and turned to them, they started laughing and said, ‘Jis pace pe jaa raha hai, humein toh bataa de (Keep us in the loop, at least, about the pace at which you are going).’ I was like, ‘I too don’t know what is happening,’” he said.