Item girl Rakhi Sawant in trouble with the law

After Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen were in trouble with the law in Tamil Nadu on the charges of obscenity, it’s now the turn of item girl Rakhi Sawant. The item girl is known for her bold performances and raunchy clothing. Rakhi has been performing stage shows within Maharashtra. Unfortunately while performing at Kolhapur on 18 May, the damsel was charged for wearing vulgar clothing and performing obscene dance gestures. Rakhi was there to promote a popular beer brand. A case has been registered against her by the police at Kolhapur.
Unfortunately a case of breach of contract with music company T Series by the item girl has also been registered. While performing at another location in Mumbai, Rakhi Sawant danced to songs for which T. Series Company held the rights. Sawant does have a prior contract with T. Series, but is strictly required to take permission before performing on any T. Series numbers. Hence the company has sent her a legal notice. However Rakhi’s manager denied the breach of contract charges on her.

However in the face of all these controversies, Rakhi remains unfazed. Rakhi says “If I am so hot that people can’t even control their emotions after watching my dance performance, what can I do?” The charges have only made Rakhi more adamant to continue her dance moves along the same lines. However Rakhi speaks up in her own defense. She claims that when organizers invite her to perform at their shows, they along with audiences expect her to dish out some sensuous moves, and that she was only living up to those expectations.

Rakhi also stated that the clothes that she wore at the show were given to her by the organizers themselves. However Rakhi blames the police for not being able to control the crowds, she says “If the police fails to control the crowds, they can’t pass on the buck to me, saying that it’s my deep cleavage that caused the entire ruckus. I am more vulnerable when doing hot live performances; hence police should have given me proper protection.” Rakhi also claims that her attire was not vulgar and covered her assets amply. The bold and gutsy Rakhi claims “I will carry on my dance and costume, whatever may happen.”

Unfortunately, other bollywood item girls also seem to be blaming Rakhi for tainting their image, says one item girl “One can take certain liberties while doing music videos, but you can’t take those same liberties while doing a live performance.” However music video director, Sumit Dutt sums up the situation by saying “I feel it’s totally hypocritical to call Rakhi Sawant and not to expect raunchiness from her.”