Item girl kissed Harman

Item girl Sambhavana Seth placed a long and intense kiss on Harman's cheek to his surprise when he was invited to grace the dance reality show Dancing Queen. It was Sambhavana's pre-planned program to kiss Harman when he will come up on the stage, she got to fulfill her long desire of kissing him. 

Sambhavana was more than happy while narrating the entire incident, she said, "Ye toh kaafi solid khabar aayi hai aapke paas," she said adding, "He's so sweet...full of positive vibes. Maine socha ek kiss le lun. That's the best way to get my share of the positive vibes."

She goes on, "When I called him onto the stage, his first reaction was, 'Please mujhe dance karne ko mat kehna.' I told him that I want to kiss him and that he can't stop me…and then I did."

She is a big fan of Harman and is longing to be his mate, "Nahi, abhi mein Harman ke peeche bhagoongi. Mujhe Harman chahiye," she says candidly.