It's all about flaunting the middle finger

It’s all about using the right body language. After all, film making gears not only to the use of dialogue as the mode of communication; but also to that of signs and symbols as the non verbal mode of gesticulation. In one of the most recent moves, the glitzy stars from the planet Bollywood has picked up the nuance of flaunting the middle finger. With the body language going against the basic tenets of civility and poise, it isn’t difficult to fathom its rightful relevance. Giving way to lots of objection, it has become the Bollywood style of showing defiance and misdemeanor.

1. Ranbir Kapoor- Rockstar


Well, that’s the Rockstar’s way of embracing arrest. The bold and defiant Rockstar doesn’t think twice before showcasing his middle finger to his millions’ fans. The sensational Rockstar had a point or two to come up openly about his rebellious stance.

2. Sonam Kapoor

With Sonam having deals to offer in the latest bonanza of Abbas Mustaan, was also seen flaunting her middle one. The first release of the flick’s official trailer at least testifies to the meaningful use of the middle finger. The hot seductress was seen in her driving spree while gesticulating about her bold ways.

3 Akshay Kumar-Namastey London

The playful bloke also had to resort to the mentioned gesticulation. It was his way of expressing anger and that of revenge following victory in a match of rugby against the British team. With all its pertinence to negativity, the gesture had an angle of comicality associated to it as well.

4. Rani Mukherjee-No One Killed Jessica

As the boldly courageous reporter with a penchant for justice and its speedy application, Rani had points to thrash out by way of her middle finger. The soul stirring flick based on a realistic event had Rani spewing fiery venom- all charged up against the system and its atrocious ways. Sometimes open display of anger and that of defiance becomes necessary relevant.

Finally, the role of the Censor Board

With the Censor Board of the B Town horizon coming down heavily against abusive use of language and gesture, it is interesting to note why it has chosen not to ban the offensive use of the middle finger. While the board had the least objection to the use of middle finger all these while, it remains to be seen if the latest one from the forthcoming flick of Abbas- Mustaan succeeds in breaking  its reasonable silence.