It is easy to fall in love with Katrina, Salman

Salman Khan dated Katrina Kaif at one point of time. Though they broke-up last year, the couple remains friends and also doing films together. Sallu not only works with Kat but he also cares for her a lot. Katrina Kaif also shares a great rapport with Salman’s family. Salman who still carries a special feeling for the diva said that it is easy to fall in love with Katrina.

"I think one can easily fall in love with her (Katrina) defintely...on screen and off screen. Even fans love her a lot," Salman told reporters here at a promotional event of his upcoming film Ek Tha Tiger.

The hunk dated the diva for three years until they mutually broke-up last year due to some reason best known to them.

"Even when she does a song in a film like Bodyguard and Agneepath people love her so much and the movie becomes a hit. Everyone worked hard for the two films including Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Karan Malhotra, director...but it was Katrina who people liked a lot," he said.

Salman and Katrina’s next film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ will hit the silver screen on August 15th and the actor is looking forward to it with high anticipation. He said that the film has lots of action.

"There are a lot of action scenes in the film and I have worked hard for it. It is visually very nice and choreographed very nicely. There is no illogical action," Salman said.

In the movie, Salman Khan plays a RAW agent and he was sent to a secret mission. Directed by Kabir Khan of ‘New York’ fame, it is Salman Khan's first Yash Raj flick.