'It is a great joy to be a father', Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are basking in joy with the birth of their newborn. Very excited father Aamir Khan expressed his feelings of fatherhood, “Fatherhood is the most exciting thing”.

The duo is very grateful to God for this miracle,“It is a great joy to be a father. Both Kiran and I are really overjoyed about the baby being born. It`s a real joy... it`s a miracle. A baby being born is like a miracle and nothing comes close to it,” Aamir said with his better-half Kiran by his side.

The baby boy has been named Azad Rao Khan after Aamir’s great grand uncle and freedom fighter Maulana Azad.

Aamir loves to play and spend time with the new-born.

“I tickle up his little toes and then snuggle him... since he is very small so he does not know who I am. But he knows that somebody comes and troubles him every day for two-three hours.”

“We can`t get enough of Azad. For the first time Kiran has stepped out of the house since the baby was born and we are keen on getting back home soon,” he said.