Is Salman Khan pressurising directors to cast girlfriend Katrina Kaif in films

Katrina Kaif’s debut film Boom was a complete disaster at the box-office, but after that the gal took a break and then returned to bollywood. However this time she was known more for her alliance with bollywood hero Salman Khan than her films. But Katrina was first noticed as an actress after she was cast in Salman Khan’s home production ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’. Rumours are now rife that Salman Khan is pressurizing his director friends to cast girlfriend Katrina Kaif in their films. According to sources Salman is also willing to act as the lead in films opposite Katrina thus trying to give his girlfriend’s film career a boost.
Recently Salman Khan and director Subhash Ghai buried their long standing feud and decided to work together in a film. Now according to sources Salman has also convinced Subhash Ghai to cast his girl Katrina Kaif in the film ‘Main Yuvraj’. However Katrina Kaif is livid with rumours that beau Salman is responsible for getting her the role in ‘Main Yuvraj’. Katrina says “To think Salman got me Subhash Ghai’s film is ridiculous. Do people think Subhashji is the kind of filmmaker who would listen to others before signing an actor? He would only sign an actor who suits the role and has always gone by what is right for the film.” However Katrina is extremely happy about bagging this film in which she plays a modern musician. Katrina is also required to learn to play an instrument for her role in the film and she wants to be fully prepared for her role.

However sources claim this is not the first time that Salman is responsible for pressurizing his directors to cast Kats in their films. Salman also persuaded his good friend and director David Dhawan to cast Katrina in the film Partner opposite Govinda. Another instance of Salman’s interference was in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film ‘London Dreams’. Santoshi had finalized actress Priyanka Chopra opposite Salman Khan in the film, but Salman wanted girlfriend Katrina to star opposite him in the film. Unfortunately director Santoshi was caught in the middle of keeping his word to Priyanka and listening to his lead hero Salman’s suggestion. Salman also went as far as personally asking Priyanka to back out from the project. Most rising stars are aware that they cannot afford to rub Salman Khan the wrong way and hence Priyanka agreed to back out from ‘London Dreams’.

However Subhash Ghai refutes rumours that he cast Katrina on Salman’s insistence, Ghai claims “Salman did not recommend Katrina, he’s too professional to do that. It’s ridiculous when people say things like Salman must have got her that role. I found Katrina apt for the role, so I chose her.” But Salman’s persistence in his directors casting Katrina is clearly evident as it seems that Salman even wanted renowned director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to cast Katrina Kaif in his film Bajirao Mastani. Sources claim that Sanjay wanted to make the film with Salman and Kareena Kapoor. But later Salman wanted Kareena replaced with Katrina in the film. However Sanjay was apparently not in the mood to indulge his favourite protégée and he refused to cast Katrina. The film has now been postponed indefinitely and Sanjay is currently working on another project. Well Katrina definitely has a strong ally, Salman Khan on her side and hence she is bound to make it in bollywood.