Is Kate Middleton expecting a baby girl?

While the world is guessing what the royal house are going to welcome a baby boy or girl, Princess Kate Middleton broke the suspense when she made a rare slip of tongue and suggested that it would be a baby girl.

It all happened when the Duchess of Cambridge was gifted a teddy bear on a visit to Grimsby, she said, "Thank you, I`ll take that for my d ...", she stopped herself before going any further, but when a well-wisher asked her if she was to say a "daughter" she replied, "We`re not telling".

Kate Middleton whose delivery is due in July also said that her baby has been kicking very much and joked to a fan that she might have to wait a long time before she becomes a queen. The Precedent dictates that the sex of royal babies is never declared in advance but Kate’s ‘d’ word is enough to spur smoke.