Is Kareena charging Rs 2.50 crore?

Kareena KapoorAlthough her previous film Dev may have failed to win over the masses, Kareena Kapoor is believed to have doubled her current price and demanded a whopping amount of Rs 2.50 crore from filmmaker Harry Baweja (Qayamat) for his forthcoming untitled movie...
This is the same film in which he is introducing his son Harman as an actor.

Showbiz circles seemed stunned by this astronomical figure as it is an “unheard of amount for a female lead for a Hindi movie”. This was apparently the fee which superstar Amitabh Bachchan charged in his pre-Baghban phase.

When asked, producer Baweja appeared unperturbed. “I know what the talk is, but all I can say is that Kareena is not as pricey as she is made out to be. She was our first and final choice for this mind-blowing science-fiction love-story subject which hijacks the audience from 2005 to 2050.

Technically the film would be of global standards because we are hiring top technicians from Los Angeles and Australia,” said Harry.

Kareena Kapoor says, “I am honoured and obliged if they feel I deserve such a price. I don’t want to disclose the exact amount but the fact that I am doing the film should speak for itself. But yes, it’s definitely a big amount.”

The reasons why she said yes to the film are many. “I can’t speak about the character that I am playing because I am not supposed to,” Kapoor says and adds, “But yes, the fact that it is a science fiction film excited me as I never done such a film before.

Also I think Harman is a very talented guy and it would great to work with him. He is young and new and ours would be a fresh pairing. I should be working with young heroes.

Harman is just 23 and it would be really cool to be paired with him.”

Her manager Zahid Khan adds, “Whatever Kareena deserves she gets, because with her versatility she can be paired opposite heroes ranging from Shahid Kapur to Shah Rukh Khan and from Tusshar Kapoor to Akshay Kumar,” he said.

Trade analysts feel that Kareena’s price might be justified for Baweja as her name will help fetch an initial collection.

While the hero is a newcomer, and Baweja’s son, and would beed a boost. The track record shows that almost all films with a totally new lead pair have failed to connect with audiences.

Meanwhile Baweja is busy with his Ajay Devgan-Sushmita Sen film which sounds remarkably like the Hollywood film, I Am Sam

A look at what the heroes charge approximately

• Salman Khan Rs 4 crore

• Shah Rukh Khan Rs 3 to 3.5 crore

• Ajay Devgan Rs 2.5 to 3 crore

• Amitabh Bachchan Rs 2 to 2.5 crore

• Akshay Kumar Rs 2 to 2.5 crore

• Sanjay Dutt Rs 1.75 to 2 crore

• Saif Ali Khan Rs 1.5 to 2 crore

• Vivek Oberoi Rs 1.5 crore

• Sunil Shetty Rs 1 crore

• Shahid Kapoor Rs 1 crore

• Abhishek Bachchan Rs 75 lakh