Is Bipasha replacing Deepika?

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone is basking in the rise of her career and her relationship with beau Ranbir will obviously help her rise further. Well naturally she has no time to attend or watch cricket matches these days, like she did earlier, what say Deepika?


Bipasha Basu


Bipasha Basu claims that since the script of BAH demanded that she share a steamy kiss with co-star Ranbir Kapoor, she agreed to do it. Well Bips did the script also demand that you attend parties with Ranbir Kapoor alone. Yes..yes we know what ya gonna say, Ranbir and you are 'just good friends' and we couldn't agree more.


Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir Kapoor's first film was a flop, his second film has got average reviews. He's only two films old, but he's romancing some pretty babes on-screen, a beauty off-screen and he also gets to share some steamy kisses, on-screen as well as off-screen. So naturally the lad's not complaining, what more could he ask for?


Bipasha Basu kisses Deepika Padukone


Bips and Deepika are such good friends, that when Deepika couldn't attend a party with Ranbir, good friend Bipasha was too happy to help, after all what are friends for. And good friends share everything, right girls?


Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor


One big happy family, Ranbir, Deepika and Bipasha. Deepika has wisely placed herself between Bips and Ranbir, smart move girl. No doubt Deepika thinks two's company and 'Bips..oops three is a crowd'. We wonder what Bips's boyfreind John had to say about Ranbir and Bipasha's on-screen kiss, well he must be use these kiss incidents after the Ronaldo incident.