Is Bipasha Basu over possessive about John?

John Abraham has been extremely busy this year; he was seen in two films Baabuland Kabul Express. The actor also recently launched his calendar for 2007 and also his clothing line. John was also present in Malaysia for the GIFA awards where he was seen with girlfriend Bipasha Basu. She too received the award for Best Actress at GIFA for her film Corporate. Bips was seen by John’s side during all of his events and made sure that she stuck by his side on the night of his clothing launch too. However according to sources, Bipasha was being over possessive of John and clung to his side every time a woman made conversation with him during the launch of his clothing line.
John recently had a function at a club to launch his clothing line and sources claim “During the event actress Kashmera Shah walked up to congratulate John, however while John was shaking hands and greeting Kash warmly, Bips came over to John’s side and diverted his attention towards her. However instead of greeting Kash, she completely ignored her and gave her the cold shoulder.” The sources claim that Kash even tried to break the ice with Bips by greeting her but Bipasha ignored her and instead began cooing and whispering into John’s ear. Kashmera was extremely embarrassed and offended by Bipasha’s behaviour and decided to get away from the couple. Bipasha in fact was reportedly behaving over possessive about John throughout the evening and she would hover around John when he was greeting any woman.

Kashmera Shah does not personally know John Abraham but decided to greet the actor as he was the host for the evening and the center of attraction. Kash says “The incident did take place, but I don’t know why Bipasha behaved that way as I am not a man-eater.” However a friend of Bipasha claims “Bipasha was by John’s side to support him on his big day as she is his girlfriend, she is extremely demonstrative of her feelings and does not believe in hiding them in front of others but nonetheless she is not an insecure woman.” John and Bipasha have always been open about their relationship with each other and both are in a profession where they receive accolades of public adulation, in fact Bips too herself no doubt gets more than enough of male adulation. So being an actor and celebrity herself it is likely that she would understand all the female attention that John gets. So was Bipasha really being over possessive or was Kash simply reading too much into her behaviour?