Irrfan Khan lip-locks with Dia Mirza

Irrfan Khan is a perfectionist and believes in enacting scene intensely and with full accuracy. Recently, his perfectionist nature took a toll on actress Dia Mirza when instead of kissing her on cheek, he kissed Dia on her lips. The script goes for a kiss on the cheek and Irrfan while enacting the particular scene kissed Dia on her lips and everyone was stunned.

The scene goes as Dia introduces Irrfan to Fardeen Khan and Irrfan comes forward to kiss Dia on the cheek to make Fardeen clear that he should not enter into Dia’s life as already one exists. All of a sudden when Irrfan kissed Dia on her lips, everyone was shocked.

Gentle Dia did not make a hue and cry over the issue and later called up producer Sanjay Gupta. Dia did not feel upset over it but consoles herself that since Irrfan is a perfectionist, he did this to establish the chemistry between them in the scene.

In this way, the smooching issue comes to an end without being cooked up much.