Irrfan Khan protests against mobile tower installation

Bollywood's versatile actor Irrfan Khan is highly worried about the side effects of mobile towers which emit dangerous radiations. He joined in the protest of mobile towers installation in his locality along with his locality people. He is highly concerned about his health, his family’s health and whoever resides in and around the area where three new mobile towers were recently installed.

The ‘Piku’ star took to the street and joined in the silent projects against the mobile tower installation which emits dangerous radiations along with the residents of his locality. The peace march was joined by around 400 residents. In today’s life mobile became a necessary which is better understood by everyone but the mobile operators should also understand that it should be installed in such places which is far away from school, parks or residential area. Irrfan moved to his new apartment in the Western suburbs of Mumbai, there have been three new mobile towers installed near his house.

When asked Irrfan about this, the actor said, "We all need mobile phones to work in this day and age. However, our mobile network towers need to be planned with better consideration to residential areas, parks, schools, hospitals etc. This is a dire need with today's increasing health conditions leading to complications due to the radiation. Starting with simple symptoms like headaches, dizziness up to diagnosis of cancer as witnessed in the Ushakiran building case and numerous other cases. We can only create awareness and urge people to join us in this movement." 
irrfan khan