An Iranian woman madly in love with Shahid

In the past, we have listened several stories of love of a common man with a celebrity. Here comes another story of love and obsession. An Iranian married woman Parvaneh Morteza Faghiri left her home and family to see Shahid and settled with him forever. She claimed that she saw Shahid Kapur in a television and immediately fell for him. She finds Shahid absolutely romantic. She also claimed that she one day saw Shahid Kapur in an airport and he passed a smile to her.

She was 39 yr old and has a 15 yr old daughter named Zaara. The woman felt that her husband doesn’t love her and so she has decided to leave him and marry Shahid because he will only able to give her true love.

When she landed at the Sahar airport on May 7, she started telling people that she wanted to meet Shahid. The Sahar police then took her to the police station, where the lady kept on insisting that she be allowed to meet Shahid. She tore up her passport when police tried to send her back.

"She told us that during her last trip to the city, she had showed people Shahid's photographs and asked for his address. According to her, one of the high points of her last trip was seeing Shahid at the airport once. She kept shouting out his name and he smiled in return. When Shahid was leaving, she shouted out again and he gave her another smile," said an official from the rescue home in Kandivli where Parvaneh has been staying.

"Since the first day, she has only been talking about meeting Shahid Kapoor. Every time the bell rang, she used to jump up and say that Shahid has come for her," said Mangala Sarode, superintendent, Rescue Foundation.

"She wrote poems and letters for Shahid and even penned down imaginary conversations with him. When we told her that she is too old for him, she simply said, 'There is no age limit in love. Love can happen at any age.'

"The girl hails from a poor family and has no one to look after her. She said that she has no source of income and Shahid could provide her with financial support too," added Sarode.

A new passport has been issued on her name and she will be send back to Iran.