Iqbal Sharma's wife slams Kareena Kapoor

After Saif Ali Khan and NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma’s brawl, now their better-half got into scuffle. Iqbal’s wife Tarina Sharma who acted in few Bollywood films slammed Kareena Kapoor for defending Saif saying that her husband does not need any cheap publicity as he comes from a respectable family.

Tarina’s statement came just after a day Kareena sent out a press statement against Iqbal Sharma. In her statement, whatever was being said by Bebo at the press conference was completely one-sided. Iqbal Sharma is publicity-hungry. “How can a man with a broken nose and jaw speak continuously on TV for more than 10 hours?”

Contradicting Kareena Kapoor's remarks, Tarina Sharma denied that her husband is publicity hungry. She said that her husband belongs to the family that helped Mahatma Gandhi when he came to South Africa and cannot think of any violence. She claimed that Kareena's claims were totally untrue and she was present at the spot.