IPL has become a joke, feels Nikita

Now that the hype is done with, the holes are showing. After the big headlines over the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket, the media is busy analyzing the pros and cons of the system.


Though she is no analyst, the 'Dil Dosti Etc' girl Nikita Anand doesn't think the IPL is the right way ahead for Indian cricket. The ex-Miss India is as passionate about cricket as she is about cinema. "The IPL hoopla is a bit of a joke. We live in a nation where cricket is like a cult, but now the money and glamour is taking over the sport. We're not watching it for the interesting game it is anymore," she laments.


Nikita has been a sports anchor before and so she does understand the nuances of the game. So crazy is she about cricket that she doesn't mind watching the men in blue for days at end. "There is a lot of technical analysis and study that goes into the game. But now that it's all become a business, cricket is losing its spirit," she feels.


Nikita is so disappointed with the whole IPL business that she doesn't even want to watch the Twenty20 matches anymore. "I've lost my passion for cricket. Also, with so much work on my plate, I don't get much time to watch the matches," she rues.


Apart from other films, Nikita will soon be seen in Nileish Malhotra's 'Monopoly' and Partho Ghosh's Ek Second – Jo Zindagi Badal De.