Inteha: Ashmita Patel and Vidya!Vikram Bhatt took two new female faces in his movie titled 'Inteha'. One of the two females is Vidya. She plays the character of Nandini, which is that of a quite strong person...
...Nandini doesn't have parents, but she has a boyfriend. This is her debut movie, which has not succeeded. However, she is not disheartened, and is confident of her success in the near future. She has no plan to quit her modeling career. Vidya is enamored of Bollywood stars like Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan. She is not without offers, and will soon shoot Mukesh Bhatt's forthcoming movie though untitled yet.

Another new face though only one film old is Nauheed Cyrusi. She has come from modeling too. She is part of the 'Inteha' cast, and is placed opposite Asmit Patel (brother of Amisha Patel) and another new male face. She was recently in Delhi for the promotion of her movie. When asked about her debut film 'Supari', Nauheed confessed that it didn't do very well. However, her character role was appreciated by the audience, she added. Regarding her career choice, she said she always thought of becoming an airhostess. But her entry into modeling and acting in ad films, besides her music videos, took her into Bollywood. Now, there is no going back. She has signed on 'Lakeer' starring Sohail Khan and John Abraham.