Info on 'Main Hoon Na'

Info on <a href='//' title='Main Hoon Na' class='' data-id='main-hoon-na' id='article_tag_data_main-hoon-na' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Main Hoon Na</strong></a>Red Chillies Entertainment is guaranteed to spice up tinsel ville with their first venture MAIN HOON NA. From being a successful choreographer, Farah Khan makes her debut as a director with her favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan. “I am nervous but confident. It was a great time... loved every minute of it,” she says...
...Here's some info on the film –

The song, 'Chale Jaise Hawaien', is a one shot song. Amrita Rao and Zayed Khan rehearsed for months to get their steps right... and boy they sure did. The song is canned in one shoot with a steadycam and they got it right in five takes. “Amrita and Zayed have worked really hard. But my screaming always helps,” Farah laughs.

Shah Rukh loves the qawwali 'Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal'. “I had a great time working on this song... loved the sets, colors. When we started out, we had no idea what Farah had in mind. She wanted swans, pink lights and other crazy stuff. We decided fine, she has a vision, let's go with it. When she called 'action' and the lights came on, it was unreal,” says SRK.

The title song of the film is SRK's favorite. The weather in Darjeeling was unpredictable and for days shooting was called off. But during shooting this song, the weather cleared up – perfect shooting weather. According to Farah, “It is my title song and says all it has to about my characters.”

Farah Khan is a woman of her words; she had promised Sushmita that whenever she makes her first film, it would star her for sure. So when the dotted lines were signed and Red Chillies got her on board, Farah called Sushmita and said, “I need your dates.” Sushmita had no clue how to react!