‘Inferno’ special trailer: Irrfan Khan adds mystery to the film

An exclusive trailer of Hollywood film ‘Inferno’ starring Irrfan Khan, Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones has been released, especially for the Indian audience. The ‘Madaari’ actor has become quite popular in the West with his films like ‘Jurrasic World’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, ‘Life of Pi’ etc. Hence, the makers decided to release an ‘India exclusive trailer’ of his next Hollywood release.

Directed by Ron Howard, the movie based on the eponymous novel by Dan Brown. It is the sequel to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’.

In the movie, Tom Hanks reprises his role of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, while Irrfan plays Harry 'The Provost' Sims, head of The Consortium. Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital, but has lost his memory and cannot remember what happened in the past few days. He teams up with Dr Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) after finding himself the target of a manhunt. Their mission to save the world and regain his memory takes them on a race across Europe, and brings them up against Irrfan’s character.

The special trailer has Langdon attempting to foil a plot to wipe out the human population from Earth. Irrfan makes his appearance with the dialogue, 'Where is professor Langdon now?' Certain scenes featuring the actor hints that Irrfan could be the antagonist of the film. The trailer is packed with thrilling sequences, action, suspense and mystery.

‘Inferno’ is set to hit theatres in India on October 14, two weeks before its release in the US on October 28. The film will also be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Watch the India exclusive trailer here: