Indian actor Feroz Khan banned from entering Pakistan

Veteran bollywood actor Feroz Khan has once again got himself into a controversy. Actor Feroz Khan is known for getting into trouble, much to do with his wild ways. Last month on 29 April the bollywood actor attended the premiere of brother Akbar Khan’s film in Pakistan. The event was deemed as a historical moment, as Taj Mahal-An eternal Love Story was one of the first movies to be officially screened in Pakistani theatres after many years. Unfortunately a shadow was cast on the event, when Feroz Khan in a drunken stupor got into a brawl and insulted his host country Pakistan and its people. The actor has now been banned from entering Pakistan.
Pakistan President, Pervez Musharaff has banned Feroz Khan from entering the country. This decision was taken by the Pakistani President as the actor made several anti-Pakistan statements at a public podium on his last visit to the country. Mr Musharaff took this decision after a report on the matter was submitted to him by intelligence agencies. The ban on the actor has been communicated to the Pakistani high commission in New Delhi, from where visas are issued to Indian persons. During the historical event, the entire cast of the film Taj Mahal was present, officials from the Indian government, son of Feroz Khan Fardeen and his wife Natasha along with director Mahesh Bhatt and senior actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha were also present.

Feroz Khan is known for throwing temper tantrums and often speaking or doing things without thinking of the consequences. There have been several instances where the actor has got into a scuffle back in India too. In Pakistan too at the event, Feroz got into a scuffle with the compere for the evening. Some of the remarks made by Feroz that evening was “India is a secular country; Muslims there are making a lot of progress. Our President is a Muslim, the Prime Minister a Sikh. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but look how Muslims are killing each other here.” After Feroz made these statements it was decided by the entire visiting Indian delegation to keep him out from the remaining events, which included a meeting with the Pakistani President himself.

This time Feroz Khan’s antics have definitely not been taken lightly and he will surely pay the price in the form of the ban imposed on him.